• An artist, Sergio Colantuoni has always been one even if he has never been fully aware of that because his mind is as pure as that of a child or as that of a grown up man who can still be one. He has always considered himself just a simple creative mind and while fully enjoying the beauty he was able to represent and transmit in his work- and, in his career, he has made many beautiful things - he has never really abandoned himself to the fable, the dream, to that flow of images and ideas freely flowing inside him, avoiding to strike compromises or to match market demands. Only in the intimacy of his home he has fully unleashed his emotions. He has let them take the lead, wandering around without peace, accumulating things, selecting, moving objects, modifying them, putting them together, painting walls, changing furniture, twisting everything all the time. For years he has put his genius and his sensitivity to the service of visionary and enlightened entrepreneurs contributing to the success of many of them in fashion, design and more.
    In the study and creation of the image, which has always been the fulcrum of his activity, he never focused solely on a brand, a drawing or a photo of a suit or of a bottle of mineral water. He has always been attracted by the stories behind, by those who lived inside that dress or by those who drank that water, what they were, what they felt, what they liked. In his surreal and poetic settings, we always breathe the air of lightness, happiness and communion, typical of his feelings, all of that today, as a fully acknowledgement of him as an artist, finally finding its full expression.
    His works are small worlds enclosed in glass bells or cases, where objects are together, close, narrow, at times stuck. Figurines in ceramic, wood, plastic coming from distant worlds and cultures, an amalgam of style and shapes and colors that tell imaginary dreams. Those dreams that you make early in the morning or deep at night, when you wake up and you still have the feeling of living in it knowing that it is no longer a dream but your imagination. It happens to be in one place and instead it is another one, and to live things only with your perception. Everything gets confused, fades, becomes unreal and surreal: a christmas ball in the shape of Ganesh, a hearty pirate, a talking cricket who does not speak, a famous person who looks like a statuette of the nativity scene, an “authentic” Chinese Fabergé, a big hook that does not scare anyone. They are there, all together, perfect in their harmony of form, light and color. Like in a magic enchantment.
    Art must elevate, lighten, make us feel good, he says. We must let ourselves go, be courted by a work of art. Then we may not like it but that moment, the instant in which we come into contact with those who have imagined felt and realized it, is like getting in touch with his eyes, his thoughts, his heart. This intuition is the magic of art and I could not live without it. If the art world stops, the thought of humanity stops.

    Camilla Dell’Orto Necchi